A Jefferson County woman facing arson charges after setting a house on fire.

Rebecca Noble, 26, faces 1 count of arson after the September 3, 2018 fire at a Jefferson County residence, located within the 3800 block of Lowman Road.

The flames spread rapidly along the southeast corner of the residence, threatening to engulf the entire structure.

Noble’s boyfriend, Derrick Drewry, who is also the homeowner stated that he and Nobles had begun arguing. During the argument, Drewry stated that Noble advised him repeatedly that she was going to “burn the house down.” Drewry further stated that in order to avoid any further confrontation with Noble, he exited his residence and went outside to his truck. While sitting in his truck, Drewry stated that Noble knocked on the door of his truck and advised that the house was on fire.

Deputies and investigators arrived and arrested Nobles for arson. At the time of her arrest, Noble was found to be in possession of a cigarette lighter, which investigators believed was used to start the blaze.

Noble was transported to the W.C.”Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center, where she was held without bond on 1 count of arson.

Rebecca Noble