According to the Pine Bluff Police Department a series of text messages were received by the 911 call center in Pine Bluff at about 2:20 p.m. with a person reporting that police and ambulances were needed at Watson Chapel High School.

The texter reported that a bomb had gone off and several kids were hurt. 

Dozens of officers from Pine Bluff Police Department, Jefferson County Sheriff’s office, and Arkansas State Police responded to the high school and junior high. They found that there had been no bombing and there were no injured students, but both schools followed their evacuation protocols.

Text messages were the only source of the bomb reports. The reports have been confirmed to be a false report. No one was injured, and no bomb was found on the school campus.

Investigators are continuing to locate the person making the false reports for charges to be filed against them.

Anyone with information on the identity and/or location of the person making the false reports is asked to call the detective office tip line at 870-830-2106 or the dispatch center at 870-541-5300.