Twin bother of Brandon McHan speaks about sentencing for suspects in brothers murder


Tuesday, Two men accused of robbing and shooting two men at Wise Buck Pawn Shop on November 12, 2018, were sentenced to life in federal prison without the possibility of parole. Daryl Strickland, Jr. and his accomplice Rodney Henry, were both charged with capital murder, attempted capital murder, two counts of aggravated robbery, and theft of property.

The case made its way to federal courts due to Brandon McHan being a firearms dealer that was shot in his pawn shop. McHan died at the hospital following the unfortunate incident.  An employee of the store, Jason W. Booth, was also shot and taken to Jefferson Regional Medical Center, then to a Little Rock hospital.

Jeff McCann twin brother of McHan joined the Oldies 101.3 Morning Show Wednesday, and Host Greg Horne asked if the sentencing gave some relief, and McCann said this.

Horne asked McCann did he know what the two men’s motives were and McCann went on to say what they said and his thoughts on the details of the case.

Horne went on to ask if the State and Feds spoke with the family and if they were allowed to give input during the case. He answered this way.

McCann was then questioned about other family members that were present during the trial.

McCann went on to say that the sentencing was “a close to a very long book”.