SeArk College to launch 100 Families program


By: Luke Matheson

SeArk College will soon be launching a new initiative called 100 Families, which is a community-led initiative to help families move from crisis to career using existing community resources by engaging community partners in an alliance, training agencies on a collaborative case management system, and recruiting case managers to respond when a family is in crisis.

SeArk College is the only college in Arkansas that will have these services.
Current SeArk College President Dr. Stephen Bloomberg spoke with Deltaplex News about the initiative.

The initiative will be paid for by state and federal grants and will not cost SeArk College one red cent.

The initiative will help both current and future students of SeArk College.

If a current or future student qualifies for the services of 100 Families, the services will come at no cost to them.

Bloomberg added that the plan is to begin providing services during the summer and fall semesters once all personnel needed to run the program are hired and on boarded at the college.