Rep Bruce Westerman joined Oldies 101.3 Thursday morning


Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Green has promised that she will continue her efforts to push Congressman Mike Johnson out of the speaker ship of the U.S. House of Representatives after Johnson was selected to replace the former speaker, who was pushed out by Republicans, with some help from Democrats.

On Thursday, Republican Fourth District Congressman Bruce Westerman, who is currently back in the state was asked about that when he appeared on the Oldies 1013 Morning Show.

Morning Show host Greg Horne pointed out that Democratic members of the house have said they were not going to vote Johnson out and Horne asked Westerman why they would support Johnson.

On another subject, Horne asked Westerman about the protests that are occurring on college campuses around the country over the war in the middle east and treatment of civilians in Gaza.

Horne said some of those demonstrations have been organized by college students but others have not.