SEARK Board of Trustees Holds Special Meeting to Discuss Approval for Adoption of Property, Student Housing


On Thursday, the SEARK Board of Trustees held a special meeting to address two action items. Pres. Bloomberg opened up discussion on the 1st topic of discussion on the approval of property donation. The plan for SEARK is to receive the property by way of donation. The home is a mid-century modern design from the 1950’s. Located on 2301 West Short 17th Avenue, it will be used to host special events for students and faculty. Public gatherings, dinners, and also a space for guests to stay overnight will be provided. Pres. Bloomberg added that the plan is to pursue the (NRHP) National Register of Historic Places and seek admission. Once the property is approved to be a part of the NRHP, SEARK plans to apply for grants once designation is approved at the federal level to pursue grants at the state level. The grant funding will go into renovations and preservation. SEARK Board of Trustees held a vote and the motion passed with no contest.

The last agenda item up for discussion was for Approval of Authorizing a resolution for the SEARK student housing project. Food services and kitchen equipment became a topic of concern:


The vote for authorizing a resolution for SEARK Student Housing project was passed with no contest.