Potholes forming all over Deltaplex after last weeks weather


Arkansas was ravaged by winter storms earlier this month and while the snow and ice have since melted away, one consequence of the brutal weather is lingering: potholes.

They are a regular feature of the daily commute in Arkansas. They can be difficult to avoid and cause damage and alignment issues when hit. And thanks to the recent cycle of freezing, thawing and heavy rainfall, there’s a whole lot more of them in the state.

Simply put, the latest round of winter weather took a heavy toll on Arkansas roadways.

That was Ellen Coulter, media communications manager and deputy public information officer for the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT). She and ArDOT are reaching out to the public to explain the pothole problem and ask for patience until it’s addressed.

Coulter said the recent severe winter storm cost ArDOT approximately $8-10 million in labor and materials. That included pretreatment and road clearing efforts. Now, the focus turns to repairing Arkansas roads, particularly the countless potholes that have popped up since temperatures rose above freezing.

Coulter said state crews and contractors are currently concentrating efforts on the worst-affected roads.

She also reminds the public that they are able to report potholes at www.idrivearkansas.com or on the IDriveArkansas app.

State highway officials are also hoping to address some of the misconceptions around why potholes form. In particular, they stress that any road regardless of age or quality is at risk of potholes.

Due to recent heavy rainfall across the state, ArDOT said repairs are expected to take longer as crews wait for the pavement to dry. In the meantime, the public is encouraged to drive with extra care on impacted roads.

For the most current road conditions and closures in Arkansas, as well as ArDOT’s pothole reporting feature, visit www.idrivearkansas.com or download the IDriveArkansas app.