Pine Bluff Fourth Ward City Council Member Bruce Lockett joined the Will and Greg show Wednesday morning to give his thoughts on Sunday’s storms, and to provide information on how the local Pine Bluff government is working to help citizens who have been affected by the storms.

Lockett said that he has been told this is the largest power outage in the area since the ice storms of 2000.

“What I’m told is this is probably the largest power outage we’ve had since the 2000 ice storm,” Lockett said. “I’ve been in communication with the Mayor, and she has been working with the Entergy utility company, and they’ve been working hard to restore people as quickly as possible.”

Lockett said that if citizens have certain types of emergencies they should let their Ward Alderman or the Mayor’s office know.

“We at the city are monitoring the problem,” said Lockett. “We definitely want to put it out to the citizens of Pine Bluff that if they are in great need or if they do have a problem, please call us. Call your Ward Alderman, I think we have someone in the Mayor’s office. We want to know if people have emergency situations like they are on oxygen and don’t have electricity, or they somehow need to power up wheelchairs or things of this nature, we may be able to assist them.”

Lockett said he is happy with the way the Mayor has responded to the storm emergency.

“This is a double whammy for the Mayor,” said Lockett. “She’s monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak, and this storm she’s been on top of it. She’s been in communication with the Alderpeople and the City Council about what’s going on, and she’s been keeping us updated on how things are progressing.”

You can listen to the full interview with Alderman Bruce Lockett at the audio feed below: