PB City Council passes 1 ordinance and moves forward on 3 more


By Ray King

The first meeting of the month for the Pine Bluff City Council was a short one as council members were in and out in less than 40 minutes, suspending the rules to read one ordinance for a second and third time before adopting it, reading three others for the first time, and approving the placement of school zone signs on West 73rd near the site of Friendship Academy.

All three ordinances that were read for the first time and placed on the calendar came out of the Administration Committee where Council Member Lloyd Holcomb Jr., is chairman and he talked to Deltaplex News about them.

While Holcomb is opposed to the proposed ordinance establishing a written policy for submitti8ng invoices to the City Clerk for payment, Clerk Janice Roberts supports it and said so to Deltaplex news.

The only legislation that was approved Monday was an ordinance allowing Michael Boykin, who is a full-time firefighter to do business with the city in his personal business, Red Extinguishers, which is involved in servicing fire extinguishers.

In order for Boykin to do that, state law requires that the council pass legislation giving him permission to do the work, as long as it is under the same conditions as other companies that service fire extinguishers.