White Hall District Court will be in session on Wednesday, May 20 at 12 p.m. at White Hall City Hall located at 101 Parkway in White Hall.

All who are scheduled to appear, who need to be seen for time pay, who are entering a plea on a citation, or have missed court since March 4 are asked to appear.

Bailiffs will check the docket for those present and the defendants will wait outside social distancing 6’ or more until their name is called from the docket.

All who are entering will be subject to Covid 19 screening including a temperature check. Only the defendant and the defendant’s representative will be allowed in. No children will be allowed to enter.

Additionally, there will be a glass barrier between the court staff and the defendant.

Facemasks are required to be worn while inside White Hall City Hall. A face mask will be provided if a person does not have one.