West PB Rotary Club Holds Weekly Meeting, Emergency Med. Technician Tabitha Jones Talks History of (EASI) & Challenges


On Thursday, the West Pine Bluff Rotary Club held its weekly meeting to discuss upcoming events and plans as the year comes to a close. December is Disease Prevention and Treatment
Month, and the Rotary Club enlisted Program Chair for the month Nyeshia Aldrige to select and introduce the speaker for the afternoon Tabitha Jones. Tabitha serves as the Emergency Medical Technician for Emergency Ambulance Service, Inc. (EASI).

Tabitha Jones, who has progressed through the ranks and now serves as EMT provided an overview of how to properly call 911, and also in specific context what information must be given when it’s time to reach out to Emergency Services. Jones shared 3 vital pieces of information to provide during a 911 call:


During the presentation, Jones mentioned some of the challenges that Emergency Ambulance Service providers face:

Jones spoke about the response time limitations and also how the community can assist in making it easier for EASI first responders to abide by state response times.