County employees paid a day late


Some Jefferson County employees did not work Wednesday morning but started to trickle back to work after hearing County Judge Gerald Robinson issued another court order approving manual payroll and that the 2 employees in question checks will be held at this time.

County Clerk Shawndra Taggart said 392 of more than 400 employees did not get paid Tuesday, after Taggart accused Robinson of denying employees their pay over a dispute involving  two employees.

“I am approving the payroll in paper checks,” Robinson said Wednesday. “I gave another court order to issue the checks to everyone. We are to hold Morgan Tillman and Yvonne Humphrey’s checks.”  Robinson earlier in week issued a court order to pay all but the 2 employees.  Robinson said the issue should have been prevented had Taggart just processed the payment in the beginning. Taggart said during a Community Chat town-hall meeting Tuesday she attempted to process the payment but did not have Robinson’s approval.  Robinson on Wednesday said  “This is all character assassination to make it look like I’m responsible”