WCSD Holds Special Meeting to Approve Student Handbook, and Personal Electronic Device Policy


The Watson Chapel School District held a special called meeting on Monday to approve changes to the 2023-2024 Student Handbook. The policy had to be amended to keep campuses under better surveillance and minimize disruptions to protect the wellbeing of students. In the past, students’ personal electronic devices have been used for unethical and illegal purposes. Cyberbullying, cheating on assignments, tests, taking unauthorized photographs or recordings of other people, and other actions have all been carried out by personal electronic devices.

Kerri McNeal, Director of Student Support and Intervention made a statement about the electronic device policy being passed and the effect it will have on students, staff, and also test scores.


Kerri McNeal also provided further comments on instructional time with the new policy in place.


The Watson Chapel School District plans to protect instructional time with the Personal Electronic Use Policy and to set a standard while enforcing it.