The deadline to pay your personal and property taxes is October 16 according to Jefferson County Tax Collector Tony Washington


People who have not paid their personal and property taxes yet have an extra day to take care of them this year.

The state mandated deadline is Oct. 15 but because that falls on Sunday, Jefferson County Tax Collector Tony Washington said it is Monday, Oct. 16.

Appearing on Talk Back Live with Floyd Donald Friday, Washington said people can pay in person, put payments in the mail as long as they are postmarked by Oct. 16, or put them in the drop box at the courthouse before midnight. If any of those things are done, taxpayers will not be assessed a penalty.

Washington also explained another way that taxes can be paid.

Donald asked Washington if people whose taxes are delinquent could pay them with a personal check or if cash or a credit card is required and Washington responded this way.

The Oct. 15 deadline is mandated by the state, and is not one that is simply imposed in Jefferson County.