Surveillance video shown in third day of KeShone Smith trial


Three surveillance videos were shown yesterday in court as the third day of the trial of the man accused of killing former PD Detective Kevin Collins continued. KeShone Smith is alleged to have fired on Collins and other officers as they approached the Econo Lodge in October of 2020 to serve a warrant. The video was discovered by Jeff Taylor, who at the time was working for the Arkansas State Police. The first video showed the interaction between Collins, Smith and other officers. While the video showed all of the incident, including the gunfire, but did not have sound. The second video was after the incident as other officers arrived, while the third showed the area being taped off.  For his part, Smith is claiming self defense, saying that he was fired on first by another officer, Kelce Collins. The trial is continuing this week, with no word on whether Smith will testify in his own behalf. This is not a death penalty case, which was explained by the judge on the first day of proceedings.