Stuttgart Fire Department turned lemons into lemonade, creating a door barrier using decommissioned water hoses. The hoses could no longer be used in a fire due to holes and other damage but in the case of an active shooter, the SFD came up with another useful way to use the hose.

“We had been trying to implement some training with the schools in case of an active shooter,” said Rollins. “Making the best of it, we took hoses that we can no longer use and cut it up.”

The hoses are made of two layers and provide tough resistance when slipped over the triangle door closure at the top of the door. “Most doors at the schools have the triangle closures in the inside door of the classroom,” said Rollins. “By slipping the hose on the triangle, it stops the door from opening.”

Rollins tested out the invention numerous times before presenting the idea to Dr. Rick Gales, Stuttgart School District Superintendent. “He really liked our idea,” said Rollins. “We will donate them all to the schools.”

Arkansas fire code prevents you from leaving the barriers on your door during normal operational hours and can only be used during emergencies. These will work on any doors with the triangle closure.