State Representative Vivian Flowers explains her decision to run for Mayor of Pine Bluff


Current State Representative Vivian Flowers is one of five candidates seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for Pine Bluff Mayor in the March primary. Two other candidates who are running as Independents or Libertarians will be on the ballot in November.

Flowers served for 10 years in the Arkansas Legislature and held what Morning Show host Greg Horne described as a “relatively safe seat” but was giving it up to get an opportunity to be a candidate for Mayor in the general election.

Appearing on the Oldies 1013 Morning Show Tuesday, Flowers explained why she made the decision.

Horne told her that when rumors were circulating that she was going to run for Mayor, a lot of people said that was not going to happen and when she did announce, they were surprised.

Horne also asked her if it had been frustrating to serve in the legislature which currently has a majority of members who are in the opposite party.

A few moments later, she talked about Pine Bluff.