Patricia Royal Johnson explains why she supports County Judge Robinson


District 4 Justice of the Peace Patricia Royal Johnson is not only a former employee of the County Clerk’s Office, she is also a former elected County Clerk.

Johnson is part of the faction that has supported County Judge Gerald Robinson in his battles with the faction that has sought to do things their own way.

Johnson recently appeared on Talk Back Live and Floyd Donald asked her why she supported Robinson like she has done.

Donald pointed out that previous quorum courts had been able to get along and get things done but since two new justices of the peace, Lloyd Franklin in District 5 and Margarete Williams in District 6 came aboard, “all hell has broken loose. He also quoted Johnson as saying previously that it should not have taken 12 months to get things done.”

Donald went on to say that it appeared that the faction led by Franklin and Alfred Carroll wanted to overthrow the current county judge. “They don’t want to attend your meetings or the judge’s meetings and have meetings after your meetings.

Donald told Johnson that while state law says the county judge is the one to sign off on claims, Carroll recently made a motion calling for Franklin and Williams to perform that duty.