Mayor Shirley Washington thanks her supporters and asks for voters to re-elect her while on the 1013 Oldies Morning Show with Greg and Wil


Pine Bluff Mayor Shirley Washington on Friday talked about her first two terms in office as she asked voters to re-elect her for a third term.

Washington is facing current State Representative Vivian Flowers in the April 2 runoff and was a guest on the Oldies 1013 Morning Show Friday.

She began the interview by thanking people who have supporter her during those first two terms.

The Mayor then talked about learning to drive in a vehicle with a standard shift, comparing her first term to driving in first gear and her second to driving in second gear.

She then went on to say this.

Morning Show host Greg Horne told Washington that not every member of the White Hall City Council wants the mayor’s job, while some members of the Pine Bluff City Council want her job.