(PINE BLUFF, ARKANSAS) MARCH 2, 2024 – Kanisher Wooten Caldwell, a dedicated and experienced candidate for State Representative District 65, is proud to announce a series of powerful endorsements from influential organizations, underscoring her strong support from diverse sectors. The endorsements reflect Kanisher’s commitment to championing the interests and well-being of the community.

Among the noteworthy endorsements, the AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor & Organizations Congress of Industrial Organizations) stands out, symbolizing the widespread support from the labor community. This endorsement emphasizes Kanisher’s dedication to workers’ rights, fair labor practices, and her unwavering commitment to building a more equitable and just economy.

VOTE, the Political Action Committee of Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield Employees, has also thrown its weight behind Kanisher Wooten Caldwell. This endorsement highlights Kanisher’s  understanding of the intricacies of healthcare policy and her dedication to ensuring accessible and affordable healthcare for all residents of District 65.

The PAW-PAC Progressive Arkansas Women  PAC endorsement underscores Kanisher’s commitment to advancing women’s rights and promoting policies that empower women in all facets of life. This endorsement reflects Kanisher’s vision for a more inclusive and progressive Arkansas that values diversity and equality. The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, a prominent organization in the transportation sector, has endorsed Kanisher Wooten Caldwell. This endorsement recognizes her advocacy for robust infrastructure development, sustainable transportation solutions, and support for workers in the transportation industry.

In a show of support from the disability advocacy community, the Developmental Disabilities Providers Association has endorsed Kanisher Wooten Caldwell. This endorsement reflects her  d dedication to championing the rights and needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, ensuring their voices are heard and respected in the legislative process.

These endorsements collectively affirm Kanisher Wooten Caldwell’s status as the front runner in the State Representative District 65 race. Supporters praise her proven track record of community engagement, her ability to bridge divides, and her unwavering commitment to representing the diverse interests of the district.

Kanisher Wooten Caldwell expresses gratitude for the  endorsements, stating, “I am honored and humbled to receive the support of these esteemed organizations. Their endorsement reflects a shared commitment to creating positive change and  ensuring that the voices of all residents in District 65 are heard and represented in the state legislature.”

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