Jefferson County Judge Gerald Robinson announces pay hike for county employees


With anticipated revenue projected to be higher in 2024 than it is this year, Jefferson County Judge Gerald Robinson wants to reward county employees and share some of the wealth.

During a meeting of Quorum Court Committees Tuesday, Robinson announced a five-percent pay hike for county employees beginning in January, and a 10-percent increase for elected officials.

He went on to explain that the Arkansas State Legislature this year approved a bill that will allow counties to give elected officials a one-time salary increase of up to 10-percent and because of revenue projections, Jefferson County will be able to do that.

That increase will also apply to current justices of the peace, Robinson said.

In addition, he asked elected officials to try and find enough money in their current budgets to be able to pay county employees a one-time end of the year bonus. Those bonuses would be a minimum $1,500 and a maximum $3,000, with the amounts determined based on years of service and job performance.