Jason Duren, Director of United Way brought Linda Bateman of Youth Partners to speak about Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library


Wednesday is United Way Day on Oldies 1013 and this week, Linda Bateman of Youth Partners, who oversees the Dolly Parton Imagination Library joined United Way Executive Director Jason Duren to talk about the program.

Morning Show host Greg Horne asked Bateman for an overview and she responded this way.

She went on to say that a new book is mailed directly to the child every month.

Horne mentioned that earlier in the week, Pine Bluff School District Superintendent Jennifer Barbaree was a guest on the program and she said one of the things she is placing an emphasis on is getting kids to read better. “There’s no better way than for parents to read to their kids,” Horne said.

This exchange between Duren, Horne and Bateman followed.

Bateman then said this.

Horne then asked how a person who wants to get their kid involved could do so.