According to the Arkansas Department of Education, high school seniors who are on track to graduate and in good standing as of the third nine weeks reporting period will be considered as “meeting the graduation requirements” for the state of Arkansas.

Officials say school districts may still implement local policies for honor graduates and class rank and should make local decisions regarding end-of-year engagement for current high school seniors regarding graduation.

The ADE is encouraging districts to find ways to continue to support seniors’ next steps, such as assisting with FAFSA, scholarship applications, applications for post-secondary opportunities, etc. Seniors who were not on track must be given the opportunity for credit recovery. Students enrolled in courses for weighted credit, such as AP or IB, should still receive weighted credit regardless of the ability of a student to take an AP, IB, or other assessment.

It is important to note that waivers of the following have been approved for current seniors:

  • Civics exam
  • CPR
  • Digital Learning
  • Personal Finance

For more information on guidelines as provided by the Arkansas Department of Education, click here.