A resolution, sponsored by Mayor Shirley Washington, will halt the collection of fees associated with demolition, rehabilitation and reconstruction of homes damaged by flooding along the Arkansas River. It was approved by the Pine Bluff City Council on Monday.

“The resolution says that city government is committed to the rapid rehabilitation of the residences and other structures which sustained damage from the flood, as well as the removal of improvement which cannot be salvaged, and to this end proposes a moratorium on the assessment and fees charged for permits which in the normal course of business would be required for the work,” says Washington.

She also announced that a multi-agency resource center to assist flood victims will be set up at the Donald W. Reynolds Community Service Center from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday and Friday.

A resolution closing a portion of East 24th Avenue one block east and one block west of Indiana Street for a period of 90 days, effective July 1 was also approved Monday. The construction cost was listed as $296,000 and all the work has been done. The resolution was sponsored by council members, First Ward members Lloyd Holcomb Jr., and Joni Alexander. It was prompted by a significant increase in illegal dumping on both sides of the intersection.