Washington, Flowers talk to Deltaplex News as they head to a run-off


Mayor Shirley Washington and Representative Vivian Flowers outdistanced four other candidates to take the top two spots in the race for Pine Bluff Mayor. After all the votes were counted, the incumbent Mayor picked up 1,940 votes with Flowers grabbing 1,913. They talked to Deltaplex Radio about their next steps. Flowers was asked what she thought resonated with those who cast their ballots for her

She had picked up a key endorsement from Chris Jones, who was the Democratic nominee for Governor in 2022. She talked about how that may have moved the needle

Flowers said one of the key issues she stressed is the lack of trust in where their tax dollars have gone

Mayor Washington said she was hoping for a clean win, but likes the position she is in

She said she will reach out to the other candidates in the race to look for their help with bringing in their supporters to her camp

She stressed that she can back up what she says she has accomplished


The runoff will be held on Tuesday, April 2nd.