During the Urban Renewal Agency regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 15th, Chandra Griffin the agency’s Interim Executive Director spoke about a new ‘Green Sweep’ Initiative.  This initiative is in partnership with other city entities including Code Enforcement, the Pine Bluff Police Department, and Go Forward Pine Bluff (GFPB).

The Green Sweep Initiative will begin every Wednesday, beginning on April 6th,  featuring door-to-door mobilization Code violation checks and educating the community on those code standards to prevent future violations and highlight any blight. The sweep will also include encouraging the community to properly disperse trash and providing bins in central locations. The agency is focused on areas between West 17th and West 34th avenues and Hazel to Olive Street, south of downtown.


Griffin stated that the project is in collaboration with GFPB’S ALICE Initiative (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, yet Employed) families, and the Neighborhood Enhancement Act. This allows up to 20% of the new construction and rehabilitation cost to attract developers to the target area. “We want to stop the blight and educate the community so that we are not just giving out violations”, said Griffin to the commissioners of the agency.

An informational for the community to gather more information about the initiative will be held on March 22 from 6 pm to 7 pm at Pine Bluff First Assembly at 33rd S Hazel Street. This meeting will cover the initiative’s purpose and goals, while also answering questions and concerns from the public.