URA Approves Housing Development Agreement, Approves Plan to Conduct Tree Removal at Go-Kart Track


On Tuesday, the Urban Renewal Agency met to discuss and provide updates on a number of projects. The first action item on the agenda was an approval for a housing development agreement. Home Again Pine Bluff is partnering with FBT Bank and Mortage to construct three new homes on 33rd and Plum. There was small change in verbiage in the development agreement, but it was later approved by URA. The next item for discussion is an approval for travel policy that the URA had to make. The URA are preparing to take a visit and tour a site where technology and products will be used for the PB Go-Kart Track. The intention is to take the insight that was gained from the 2-day event in Kentucky and apply it in the Go-Kart construction.

Griffin provided insight on the event which will be held in Paducah, Kentucky:




The next item on the agenda was an annual pay raise for two positions within the Agency. Exec. Director Chandra Griffin proposed a 4% rate increase to the two (truck driver, general laborer) employees pay, citing good job performance, attendance and ability to work as a team since they’ve started their positions. The vote to approve the annual pay raise for the two positions was passed with no contest.


An action item on the agenda regarding the immediate removal of trees at the Go-Kart Track was addressed by the agency. Exec. Director Chandra Griffin spoke to the board and asked for the ratification of her decision. Griffin’s concern was with time and making sure there is ample time for grading to commence. She asked that the board ratifies her decision and move forward with the tree removal project. After a motion was passed and seconded, a vote on the removal project was held and passed with no contest.



University Drive has been on the receiving end of beautification efforts, in addition to cleaning off sidewalks. Trees have been topped also. A clean up at Pine Bluff High School was done, in light of the Arkansas State Board of Edu. visiting Pine Bluff and holding board meeting at the Convention Center. URA Exec. Director Chandra Griffin addressed recent beautification projects: