The special election to select a new Mayor at Sheridan is expected to cost that city thousands of dollars.

According to the Sheridan Headlight newspaper, current Mayor Joe Wise said that the city will be charged between $9,000 and $12,000 and while countries cover the costs associated with general elections, special elections are typically the responsibility of the municipality or entity that called the election.

Grant County Clerk Geral Harrison said most of the costs associated with the election ae used to pay poll workers.

He went on to say that he last time a special election was held was a run-off for Sheridan School Board in 2019 and that cost over $20,000, That election involved three different voting machines while this time, only one is being used and that is at the Grant County Courthouse for early voting.

Justin Wise, the son of current Mayor Joe Wise and youth minister Cane Nattin are the two candidates in the runoff which will be Dec. 6.