Saracen pays 2 million plus in taxes in April


Saracen Casino in April collected a record almost $16 million in net gaming winnings in April and paid the state more than $2 million in taxes.

Total net winnings for the month were $15,933,645.85, nearly two million more than in March when total net winnings were $14,004,423.98.

For April, Saracen paid the state $2,071,373.96. Of that, 55-percent is paid to the state and another 17.5-percent is collected which is distributed to Oaklawn and Southland for racing purses.

The City of Pine Bluff receives 19.5 percent of the total net winnings while Jefferson County gets 8-percent.

The figures reported reflect only the total of net gaming winnings and do not reflect food and beverage sales at Saracen.

While Saracen collected over $1 million more than Oaklawn in April, neither came close to Southland in West Memphis. The dog track and casino reported total net winnings of $30,123,341.56 and total taxes paid of $6,024,668.31.

Oaklawn reported total net winnings of $14,250,389 in April and paid $1,852,550.57 in taxes.