Pine Bluff School District’s Superintendent announced on Wednesday that Jack Robey Junior High School will close.

Superintendent Jennifer Barbaree said, “As of today, I have been able to meet with all principals individually and have the opportunity to go to each facility on the campuses to share with them my plan for moving forward for next school year.”

Barbaree went on the say next year there will be one high school, one junior high, and will operate as one athletic department.

“It is my intention to close Jack Robey Junior High School currently after doing facility walks and looking at all the facilities in the district,” said Barbaree. “Robert F Moorehead and Dollarway High School are newer and are more conducive to student learning at this time.”

There is a discussion of reconfiguring elementary schools, some staff members will be reassigned, and some staff member positions will be eliminated.

“It is not my intention to do a riff however I will recommend to our school board to non-renew the facility that is not licensed,” said Barbaree. “I know that were going to need some of our non-licensed employees so those decisions will be made as soon as possible as far as hiring back based on student needs.”

Barbaree said that it is her goal to keep the community and stakeholders informed.