PBSD Holds Monthly School Board Meeting, Addresses DCFA Test Scores and 70th Annual ASBA Meeting Presentation


On Monday, the Pine Bluff School District held their monthly SB meeting where agenda items were discussed. Among the agenda items were a presentation on District Common Formative Assessment (DCFA). During the meeting, it has been reported that attendance and preparation were factors that are contributing to low test scores for 3rd, 4th, 5th grade, and also secondary level education throughout the Pine Bluff district.

PBSD School Board member Dr. Sederick Rice mentioned the possibility of adding incentives and also asking for administrators to re-examine the schedule as to when is the most ideal day would be better for testing students while remaining vigilant of trends for attendance. For example, possibly moving the test date to the middle of the week as opposed to Monday or Tuesday.

Exec. Director of Curriculum and Instruction Lutonya Rauls spoke about the preparation and evaluation that goes into getting students prepared for the DCFA testing:

PBSD School Board Member Ricky Whitmore Jr. spoke during the meeting about the importance of representation and visibility while strongly encouraging school board members and parents to start visiting the schools and classrooms:

He also provided further context after the meeting:


After the board meeting, Superintendent Barbaree and Dr. Sederick Rice Spoke with Deltaplex News About ASBA Meeting Presentation: