By Ray King

While cities across the country including several in Arkansas have seen protests, some of them violent following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota last week, Pine Bluff has thus far been spared and Police Chief Kelvin Sergeant wants to keep it that way.

Appearing on the Oldies 101.3 morning show Tuesday, Sergeant said the department is monitoring social media and listening to the community to try and pick up information about things that might happen. He said there have been rumors and has been deploying officers to be ready just in case and has the entire department on standby if they’re needed.

Sergeant said a peaceful protest would not only be allowed but would be encouraged.

He went on to say that if there are peaceful protests, officers will be on the scene to protect those who are protesting from outsiders who oppose the protest.

Sergeant also talked about the death of Floyd at police hands which was recorded on camera phones and has been seen on social and national media hundreds of times.

The city-wide curfew in Pine Bluff ended Sunday and Sergeant said he thinks it should not be reinstated, at least for now.

Listen to the entire interview below: