PB Ward 3 Receives Community Park Update from City Council Member Lanette Frazier, Kenneth Gray Sr. Announces Run for Ward 3 City Council


On Tuesday, The City of Pine Bluff’s 3rd Ward held its last Community Watch Meeting for the year to discuss old business, new business, and give an opportunity for candidates running for the 3rd Ward city council seat to make a statement about their efforts to run. Individuals who were in attendance and running for the public office position: William Fells, Kenneth Gray Sr., and current 3rd Ward City Council member Glen Brown Sr.

City Council member Lanette Frazier provided an update on the progress of the community park, where she thanked Ward 3 and United Way for the ongoing support:

Candidates running for Ward 3 Alderman were given the opportunity to provide a statement on running for the 3rd Ward Alderman seat.

Kenneth Gray Sr. announces his run for Ward 3 Alderman:


Ward 3 Candidate William Fells spoke about his intentions behind running for the position and the need for Pine Bluff to invest more in workforce development due to more jobs on the horizon:

Standing Ward 3 Alderman Glen Brown Sr. on City Council Ward 3 Position: