PB URA Meets for Regular Scheduled Meeting, Issues Pay Raises


The Pine Bluff Urban Renewal Agency met for its monthly meeting at the Donald W. Reynolds Center on Tuesday. Two motions were made to issue pay raises for employees within the agency. The majority of the commissioners were in attendance to proceed with voting.

The first motion was made for a $1,500 dollar pay raise for 4 full time employees which was described as an end of the year bonus by URA Chairman Jimmy Dill. The motion was seconded followed by a vote which passed without contest:


A second motion for an annual raise was made by the URA Vice Chair Kirby Mouser for employee Terrence Williams at an increase of 4% which was effective Nov. 13th, followed by a flat $5k raise effective immediately for URA Exec. Director Chandra Griffin. The motion was seconded followed by a vote which also passed without contest.