PB Group Violence Intervention Hosts Town Hall Meeting


On Tuesday, the Pine Bluff Group Violence Intervention (GVI) hosted a town hall meeting and panel session to give citizens an opportunity to ask questions and give input on the organization, and gun violence in the city. GVI Program Director Leanita Hughes opened the event with a welcome, followed by an opening prayer from Roosevelt Brown of Family Church of Pine Bluff. The purpose of GVI is to reduce homicide and gun violence. Its aim is to reduce gun violence by identifying how the role community support and social services can play in reducing gun violence. It requires all elected officials and those working in public safety to work together for the sake of the program and city. Professor David Kennedy, GVI creator and National Network Exec. Director spoke to the audience about the intervention that the group will be spearheading through law enforcement, community moral voices, and outreach.

GVI Director Leanita Hughes gives input on GVI Townhall:

GVI Director Leanita Hughes on early findings and GVI’s focus on juvenile violence:

Professor David Kennedy, GVI Creator shares input on the event and crowd reception: