PB City Council Address Several Agenda Items, Approves 2 Ordinances


On Monday, the Pine Bluff City Council met for their monthly meeting to address a host of action agenda items. Mayor Washington wasn’t in attendance and Alderman Lloyd Holcomb Jr. chaired the meeting in her absence. An ordinance to close a portion of Texas Street in the 600 block to provide space for housing development on 6th street apartments was the first item to be discussed. The ordinance was moved from the 1st reading to the 3rd by way of voting. Soon after, the ordinance was passed with no contest.


The next ordinance was for the provision of the rezoning of property on the 5700 block of Flipper Ave. This ordinance was also moved from the 1st, 2nd, to the 3rd reading.

Alderman Lockett provided more details on the ordinance with Deltaplex News:

The ordinance was moved for adoption and then later approved.


The next action item was a resolution expressing the willingness of the city of Pine Bluff to utilize federal aid monies for the Caney Slough Bridge on Regional Park Drive. Before further discussion, Alderman Lockett asked for more specifics on the bridge replacement project, but voting for those in favor transpired, followed by approval of the resolution. After feasibility study is complete, the city council will resume discussions on the project.