Darmel Dashun Batemon Jr., 20, of North Little Rock was taken into custody Wednesday at Arkansas State Police (ASP) Headquarters in connection with a fatality wreck that occurred in Little Rock on April 8th.  Batemon was charged with manslaughter and second-degree battery, both felony offenses.

Gerald Stuart Allen, 84, of Benton died in the wreck and his wife, Lucille “Lucy” Kiser Allen, was seriously injured.
ASP investigators say Batemon and another motorist were racing on I-430 North on that Saturday afternoon when the fatality accident occurred near the 4-mile marker.
Batemon was driving a 2012 Dodge Charger when he struck the Allen’s 2015 Toyota Avalon from the rear, forcing the vehicle off the roadway, where it struck a tree. Batemon was also injured.


“My hope is that this senseless tragedy will serve to help us educate the public about the deadly consequences of street racing,” said ASP Colonel Mike Hagar. “Mr. Allen’s death was completely preventable. He and his wife should have enjoyed the retirement they earned. Racing and driving at high rates of speed endanger everyone on the road.”

Mr. Allen was an Arkansas Army National Guard veteran, serving as Commander of the 39th Support Battalion of the 39th Infantry Brigade. He retired with the rank of Colonel in 1986.

Mr. Allen’s obituary said, “The family asks that you consider contacting your state representative and requesting stronger penalties for those who are caught street racing on public roadways so that such senseless and tragic deaths and injuries may be prevented.”


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that in the past decade alone 800 people have lost their lives in incidents related to street r