Neither Katy Perry, Rihanna nor Lady Gaga attended the Met Gala in New York City on May 6, but that didn’t stop fans from using AI to create fraudulent photos of them on the red carpet.

Katy even called out the fakes: She posted two of them on her Instagram and captioned them, “couldn’t make it to the MET, had to work.” She also included a text exchange between her and her mom, in which her mom wrote, “Didn’t know you went to the Met. What a gorgeous gown, you look like the Rose Parade.” She replied, “lol mom the AI got you too, BEWARE!”

Katy also posted a photo of herself “working” in the recording studio.

Rihanna didn’t show up at the Met because she had the flu, but a fake photo showed her on the carpet in a floral-embroidered gown with a huge sculptural shoulder piece. 

A similar counterfeit photo shows Lady Gaga on the carpet, wearing a massive white sculpted gown with gravity-defying tiers, each one spilling over with flowers.

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