Britney Spears has spent the last couple of years publicly denouncing her family members and accusing them of various transgressions, including being complicit in her conservatorship, writing negative things about her and tipping off the press about her actions. But despite all that, she apparently still has warm feelings for them.

Britney posted a photo on Instagram of what appears to be her mother, her nieces and other family members sitting around what looks like a kiddie table eating seafood. 

“We all have issues with our family but dear God you can’t help how much you love them. I’m not in this picture but I sure as hell feel like I am,” Britney wrote. “If you know me, I’ve always ended up at this kids table at every function I’ve ever been to !!! The most elite expensive dinners and I always find myself just like this sitting in the back with the kids !!!”

“I’m posting this pic because my family is absolutely beautiful and I miss them,” she added.

She then wrote, “So not to sound righteous but in a world of chaos and confusion the trickery of the devil is to mislead you and humiliate you … and make you think you’re less than !!!”

She concluded by repeating that she wanted to share the photo because she felt like she was in it.

The family photo was the second slide of Britney’s post. The first was the cover of a book called Reclaim Your Heart: Personal insights on breaking free from life’s shackles.

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