After seven years, Katy Perry marked her final night as a judge on American Idol Sunday.

During the show, the top 12 female contestants performed several of Katy’s hits, while a montage of the singer’s years on the show was screened behind them. Katy also took the stage to perform the song “What Makes a Woman” from her 2020 album, Smile, with finalist Jack Blocker

During the performance, Katy rose high in the air on a platform, revealing a massive skirt made up of photos of the contestants she’s judged over the years. She concluded the performance by saying, “1-4-3. I Love You.”  “1-4-3” refers to the number of letters in each of those three words.

And Katy being Katy, during the show she also tossed a slice of pizza into the audience for fans to catch.

Katy’s finale dress featured a sculpted gold metal bodice with seven roses, one for each season.

Also during the big finale, a new American Idol champ was crowned — Abi Carter — and the all-star lineup of guest performers included Jon Bon Jovi, Seal, Jason Mraz, Hootie & the Blowfish and New Kids on the Block.

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