By Deseray McKinzy

Pine Bluff Fire Department Chief, Sean Howell joined Deltaplex News Friday and discussed the newest firehouse across the street from the Saracen Casino Resort as well as incident updates within the month of May.

After being asked about the condition of the new firehouse Chief Howell responded, ” Everything is coming along great and it has been a great addition to the fire department.” When asked about the amount of staff that they keep onsite during their shifts at that location, Howell explained that at least three firefighters are present per shift.

In relation to the previous month of May, Deltaplex asked about the number of incidents that took place and Howell responded,

Howell mentioned that the fire department would ideally have four firefighters per shift at each location but due to a shortage of personnel and they are actively searching to add to the department.

Also mentioned was that high school graduates along with college graduates and anyone that’s interested in starting a career with the fire department can apply.