GFPB, Police and Fire taxes fail at polls


An effort by Go Forward Pine Bluff to extend the five-eights cent citywide sales tax for an additional seven years failed by a wide margin Tuesday night.

In addition, a proposed three-eights cent sales tax devoted to public safety, specifically the police and fire departments also went down to defeat.

Jefferson County Election Commissioner Sam Beavers announced the final results.

Again the complete but unofficial results were as follows:

Five-eights cent tax

For 1,490

Against 1,959

Three-eights cent tax

For 1,560

Against 1,763

Neither tax was able to generate support as the numbers showed both trailing when early and absentee votes were tabulated, and the margin of loss increased as the night wore on.

This was the second time this year that the taxes failed and this time by a wider margin than the first time around.

Also, fewer people voted this time compared to in May.

Voters in the Watson Chapel School District were also asked to vote on the district’s current millage and while 348 people said no to the tax, it will remain at its current level. There were 285 people who voted for the tax.