First Sisters Outreach, Incorporated and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated/Delta Omega Omega Chapter will present the Annual Debutante Cotillion Ball on Saturday, December 15, 2018.

The debutante reception will be held in the Pine Bluff Convention Center Lobby from 4:30-6:30pm.  The cotillion starts promptly at 7:00pm in the Pine Bluff Convention Center Arena.

First Sisters Outreach, Incorporated (FSO) President Chandra Griffin and Delta Omega Omega Chapter President Marguerite Flannigan both describe the Cotillion as ” an awesome and elegant way to celebrate the best and brightest young women in the world,” according to a news release.

This year’s Debutante Cotillion Ball is steered by Tri-Chairmen Commeka Goodloe, Michaela Howard and Lavatia Wooten.

This year’s Debutante Cotillion Ball is steered by Tri-Chairmen Commeka Goodloe, Michaela Howard and Lavatia Wooten.

The theme for the event is “Exquisite Pearls Exemplifying Excellence.”

“Thirty-eight outstanding young women will be formally introduced to society. The young women will be presented with their personal accomplishments and ambitions noted. Highlights will include a formal cotillion dance, the waltz with their presenters and their escorts. Over the last three months, the debutantes have participated in numerous social, cultural, academic, health and community service projects,” the news release said.

Debutante activities included: an Evening of Etiquette (formal dinner), ACT Prep Workshops, Girl/Guy talk, tour of UAPB Art Museum, debs got talent, a public speaking workshop, fashion show, social etiquette, volunteering with Enchanted Land of Lights and Legends, Zumba at the Jefferson Regional Medical Center Wellness Center, lip sync battle, a stage play House of Secrets and church service with Miss Deb at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

The first Debutante Cotillion Ball was held 51 years ago at Hestand Stadium and to-date, hundreds of young women have participated in the annual event.

“Through the years, the debutante program has become a vehicle to acknowledge college-bound young women who have distinguished themselves scholastically; and bestow academic scholarships, as well as a means by which young women can provide service to the community,” the news release said.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated is an international service organization that was founded in 1908 on the campus of Howard University in Washington, D.C. It is the oldest Greek-letter organization established by African-American college-educated women. The sorority is composed of a nucleus of over 300,000 college-trained women.

First Sisters Outreach, Incorporated is the non-profit and official funding arm of Delta Omega Omega Chapter. For more information concerning the Debutante Cotillion, contact Delta Omega Omega Chapter President Marguerite Flannigan at or First Sisters Outreach President Chandra Griffin at; or Publicity Chairman Mattie Collins at

Members of the Program and Presentation Committee are: Yaminah Holt-Chairman; Jennifer Johnson-Co-Chairman; Gladys Benford; Tomekia White-Brunson; Detra Camp; Tonya Colen; Mattie P. Collins; Carrie Dantzler; Gloria Davis; Vonysha Goodwin; Terri Jackson; Eula Liddell; Sheena Meadows; Rashonda Rice; and Damiccah Robertson;

Activities Choreography Committee members are: Keysha Shelton-Chairman; Toniesha Sargent-Chairman; Toniesha Sargent- Co-Chairman; Keysha Shelton; Monique Benford; Ranashia Totten; Keisha Cawley; Ebony Cotton; Yaminah Holt; and Vonysha Goodwin;

Decorations Committee members are: Terri Jackson Jacqueline Pryor-Chairman; Earsline Turner Rossia Broughton-Co-Chairman; Yvonne Blevins; Georgia Sanders; Chandra Griffin; Kitzel Taylor; Adrienne Morgan; Kelly Allmon; Damiccah Robertson; Onika Luster Jackson; Katryne Horton; Uyolanda Wilson; Courtney Strickland; Joyce Thompson; and Kristi Ridgell.

Publicity Committee: Mattie P. Collins

Refreshments committee members are: Uyolanda Wilson-Chairman; and Margie Nesby-Co-Chairman.

Souvenir Journal and Program Committee members are: Lindsey Burkett; Tiffani Butler; and Monic Isom;

Activities Committee members are: Keysha Shelton-Chairman; Toniesha Sargent-Co-Chairman; Monique Benford; Keisha Cawley; Yaminah Holt; Vonysha Goodwin; Terri Jackson; Earsline Turner; Yvonne Blevins; Chandra Griffin; Adrienne Morgan; Damiccah Robertson; and Katryne Horton.

Finance/Budget Committee members are: Chandra Griffin; Shara Williams; Willette Totten; Jonail Landers; Myra Alford; Marguerite Flannigan; Terri Jackson; Cynthia Bennett; Yaminah Holt; Yvonne Blevins; Monic Isom; Carolyn F. Blakely; and Toni McCastle-Freeman.

Hostess Committee members are: Kelli Dixon- Chairman; Miche’la Martin-Co-Chairman; Sonya Anderson; Erin Pilcher; Ebony Cotton Tredijah Sykes; Ka’Ryn Terry; and Keisha Cawley.

Invitations Committee members are: Shara Williams-Chairman; and Beverly Cotledge-Co-Chairman.

Music Committee members are: Terri Jackson; First Sisters Outreach, Incorporated; Chandra Griffin; Terri Jackson; Cynthia Bennett; Shara Williams; Myra Alford; Toni McCastle- Freeman; Yvonne Blevins; Monic Isom; Mattie Collins; Jonail Landers; Marguerite Flannigan; and Willette Totten.