The Watson Chapel School District (WCSD) met for their monthly meeting on Monday, October 11th beginning with the Annual Report to the Public at 5:30 and the regular session at 6 pm. 

The Annual Report was led by Assistant Superintendent LaDonna Spain who reported the parent engagement plan, the administrative accountability Report, student enrollment, trends, and demographics. The parent engagement plan focused on providing resources through technology that will support parents and promote engagement. Spain acknowledged that the district meets all of the accreditation requirements with the state. 

Spain reported that each building in the district is required to offer student-focused learning environments and also recognized Andrew Curry as the new superintendent. 

Spain’s report also explained that the WCSD provides the Community Eligibility Program (CEP) throughout the district that provides free breakfast and lunch to students. 

During the staffing part of the report, the salaries of the staff are competitively based over 40,000 yearly and 57% of the staff have master degrees. 

The principals of each school in the district gave their yearly report to the board which all had the mission that, “Learning is Required”. 

Enrollment throughout the district has remained at 80 or above 80% and the graduation rate for the 2020-2021 school year was 93.18%. Spain spoke about this and the current attendance rate of the teachers after over 400 during the last school year because of COVID-19.