According to the McGehee-Dermott Times News, the Desha County Courthouse will be closed until further notice.

Desha County Judge Richard Tindall made the announcement and said, “closed means, for now, an essential basic crew will be working in both the Main Courthouse and the Annex Building.”

He went on to say that everything that can be handled by phone, internet or mail should be handled that way and any business that requires in-person service will be handled by appointment only.

“We ask your cooperation with this so we can continue to do the county’s business,” Tindall was quoted as saying.

He went on to ask residents to be safe, suggesting that Christmas parties should be reconsidered, traveling for Christmas, Christmas shopping or any other reason “that puts you in close contact with others should be avoided.”

“You have heard the warnings on television,” the announcement said. “You know what the CDC is asking us to do. Wear a mask, wash your hands often, social distance, small groups or even better stay away from all groups and just have a family Christmas.”