C&L Electric Cooperative customers who are still without power should call to report their outage every day until the outage is restored.

State Representative Ken Bragg contacted DeltaplexNews.com Monday to provide this information he received. Additionally, DeltaplexNews.com contacted C&L and was told the same thing – customers must call in each day to report their outages due to the system clearing all tickets at the end of each day.

The DeltaplexNew.com newsroom has received numerous complaints from C&L customers stating they have not had their power restored and have not seen crews working in their area in several days. Many have stated that when they call to report an outage they are informed by C&L staff that the outage isn’t in their system, even if they have previously reported it.

Representative Bragg told DeltaplexNews.com that C&L is clearing all tickets daily, and therefore customers must call every day.

“They said it is the way their system is set up to clear tickets every day,” said Bragg. “If you get a phone call saying your power is restored [and it has not been restored], then you need to call back and report again.”

C&L Electric Cooperative did release an update Monday morning on the areas they are working at today:

We have worked to restore power to 80% of our service area. Crews continue to work the following areas:

  • Country Village, Alexander Road, Addison Road and Amherst Road, Panther Hollow and Bradley Street in Lincoln County;
    • Hwy 114 west of Star City;
    • Ponderosa and Nolino – Jefferson County;
    • Pinebergen area in Jefferson County;
    • Dogwood Forest in Jefferson County;
    • Hwy. 83 – Coleman to Monticello and Rabb Road;
    • 16th Section Road, Hwy. 293 Pine Hill, Shultz Lane and Four Mile Creek in Drew County;
    • Hwy. 114 West of Woodlawn Wooley Road, Ryburn Road, Woodlawn North;
    • Trucksville, Union Peace in Cleveland County;
    • Feenyville area in Lincoln/Cleveland County;
    • Hwy. 63 south of Pine Bluff (Rogers Road West);
    • County Line Road 8N in Bradley County;
    • New Edinburg, Rainey Road, Hwy. 189, Bryant Road, Crane Lake, Hollis-Special Road;
    • Hwy. 11 near Weast Road and Newton Chapel in Lincoln County;
    • Single phase lines from the Palmyra substation in Lincoln/Cleveland Counties;
    • Tyro community in Lincoln County;
    • Wilmar North in Drew County;
    • Big Creek in the Herbine area in Cleveland County;
    • Hwy. 8 and 189 in Bradley/Cleveland County;
    • Garnett Road and Bill Henry Road in Lincoln County; and
    • Beanfield Road in Bradley County.

Thank you for your patience as we work to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.