The Drew County Quorum Court on Monday discussed using funds from the American Rescue Act to pay county employees extra money for working during the height of the pandemic.

Drew County Clerk Nancy White presented a plan on calculating the number of hours worked at a rate of $3.03 per hour and capped at $5,200.

According to the Advance Monticellonian newspaper, that plan was not finalized with White asking the justices of the peace if they wanted to include themselves in the bonuses and at what rate in terms of hours.

Several members of the quorum court indicated they did not want the bonuses.

Also discussed was the county’s “use it or lose it” 18-month vacation rule for employees.

The newspaper reported that some workers have not been able to take vacations due to staffing or other issues and were losing vacation time due to circumstance beyond their control.

County Attorney Cliff Gibson presented a plan that would have allowed county workers to sell their unused vacation time annually but that plan was not accepted because it did not allow employees to carry over vacation time from year to year.