Fourth District Congressman Bruce Westerman visited several Southeast Arkansas counties including Jefferson last week while Congress was in recess. He wrote about the visit on his regular weekly column.

It was fantastic to be in Arkansas last week to honor people across the district as “Hometown Heroes.” Several weeks ago, my office and I posted on social media asking for Fourth District residents to nominate those who had gone above and beyond to serve their communities in the past year. Dozens of stories were submitted, and some people were even nominated more than once. After an incredibly difficult year, it was heartwarming to read these stories and visit with those who have poured their time and energy back into their communities.

I was fortunate to meet with people from all different backgrounds- law enforcement, educators, restaurant owners, pharmacists, church employees, the list goes on. However, in speaking to each person this week, one common theme was shared amongst them all, and that is that they could not have done the work they did without the help and support of many other people along the way. I think this speaks volumes.

When you look at Arkansas’ Fourth District on a map, it covers 33 counties from the Ozark Mountains all the way down to the Louisiana state border. Several counties are quite different from others, whether that be in leading industry, population size, or even the geography. When you put those things aside, our large district shares the same resilient spirit, driven largely by many of the Hometown Heroes I met this week. These Heroes and many others like them are the lifeblood of our communities and the reason that Arkansas is a fantastic place to live.

I look forward to sharing the stories of Hometown Heroes with you over the next several weeks. Follow along in the newsletter updates and on my Facebook page.