Watson Chapel School Board talks construction of new high school

During their regular monthly meeting Monday, the Watson Chapel School Board had what board member Alan Frazier described as a “very productive meeting” and said, “we got a lot done.”

Appearing on the Oldies 1013 morning show Tuesday, Frazier said the board discussed  the recently approved  LEARNS Act, the construction status for a new high school, and what to do about the football stadium that Frazier said is “getting close to the end of its useful life.”

On the subject of the new high school building, morning show host Greg Horne asked Frazier if inflation was a cause of the district not being able to get as much structure for the money currently available.

Frazier said current projections are that it will cost 375 per square foot “so both sides are going to have to sharpen their pencils and meet somewhere in the middle.”

Horne then asked if a combination of inflation and supply chain issues is affecting the costs.