UAPB offering summer veterinary camp for highschool students

By Deseray McKinzy

Friday, May 28,  the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) announced that it is urging all southeast high school students, ages 14-17 to apply for Antirak Camp, a two-week summer residential veterinary and animal science career enrichment program hosted by the Department of Agriculture. Students have until June 4th to apply with the camp dates set for July 6-19 at the UAPB campus.

In a press release, UAPB stated that in addition to gaining awareness about the field of animal science, student participants have another incentive of $250 once they complete the entire program.

Their plans for the program explained that participants will take field trips to various destinations in Arkansas including the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, several different animal farms, and the Little Rock Zoo. On-campus, they will attend presentations by professors of the UAPB School of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Human Sciences and also hear from guest speakers.

The University explained the program curricula which is to expose students to livestock, poultry, crop, and fish production. Participants will learn the relevance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts through firsthand experience in water quality, soil, environmental, cell culture, and biotechnology labs.

Dr. Jayant Lohakare a UAPB professor of animal science said that they are looking for a total of 20 participants, 10 male, and 10 female. He was also mentioned stating, “Many students – even those who are very interested in animals – may overlook the area of veterinary or animal science when it would be a perfect fit for them. This program is intended to show them just how many interesting and fulfilling work opportunities there are in the industry.”

To receive a copy of the application or for more information, contact Dr. Lohakare at [email protected] or (870) 575-8540 or Dr. Emmanuel Asiamah at [email protected] or (870) 575-8981.